Employee’s mobility: recruitment criteria


  1. Duration of mobility: for teaching 6 days maximum, minimum of 10 hours.
  2. Duration of mobility: for training 6 days
  3. Recruitment is conducted twice a year: in April and in November. We accept applications until the end of these months. It takes 14 days to announce the results (mid May, mid December).
  4. We give priority to those applicants who have never been a part of Erasmus+, who need international experience for their educational career and who have outstanding scientific performance in previous academic year.
  5. Grant calculation: days x flat rate unit plus 2 day- flat rate unit for travel to and back from mobility.
  6. If employees want to extend their stay:
    1.  Erasmus+ coordinator needs to be informed and if extension is possible, annex will be made.
    2.  Extension is possible without additional funds from Erasmus + (it will be called period of zero grant).
    3.  Extension is not possible after the mobility is completed.
    4. Extension is possible only when mobility is not completed.
    5. If an employee decides to stay longer, without Erasmus+ coordinator permission, no additional funding will be provided.
  7. After the agreement between School and an employee is signed, the grant in the amount of 80% will be transferred to the employee’s account.
  8. Last 20% of the grant will be transferred if employee submits the report on-line EU survey. An employee has 30 days to submit the report. The school has 45 days to complete the procedure after the survey is submitted. Survey will be sent to the employee via email.
  9. In case of force majeure the amount of grant will be equal to actual duration of mobility.
  10. All employees are required to have European Healthcare Card or private healtcare insurance.
  11. Employees should purchase liability and accident insurance.
  12. School has the right to announce additional recrutiment if there is availability (mobility available).
ST – teachers for teaching, STA – employees for trainings Erasmus daily financing (up 14 days) in euro (day 15 and up)
Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, Great Britain 130 91
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech, Findland, France, Greece, Island, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway. Poland, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Italy 110 77
Spain, Lotva, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, FYROM 100 70
Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia 80



Distance Amount in euro per person
100-499 km 180
500 – 1999 km 275
2000 – 2999 km 360
3000 – 3999 km 530
4000 – 7999 km 820
8000 and more 1100