Documents to download

We have prepared documents to be downloaded for your convenience:


  1. Study rules and regulations
  2. Traineeship Rules and Regulations
  3. Individual Study Organization (IOS) rules and regulations


  1. Request to the vice-dean of international students


  1. Diploma procedure for Bachelor and Master degree studies
  2. Final thesis declaration
  3. Diploma thesis statement
  4. Master’s thesis title page sample – Management field
  5. Diploma thesis title page sample – Management field
  6. Antiplagiatory Procedure Ordinance 7/2019


  1. Documents necessary for completing the traineeship:
    1. Additional activity catalogue
    2. Agreement on traineeship organization
    3. Confirmation of the implementation of additional activity
    4. Statement on the implementation of additional activities_MAP
    5. Student’s application for traineeship
    6. Student’s exemption from the traineeship obligation
    7. Traineeship implementation card I level studies
    8. Traineeship implementation card II level studies