Health insurance

When you are already in Poland and you are registered as a student, you may buy healthcare insurance from Polish national healthacre provider NFZ.

  1. 48 PLN your cost for monthly coverage,
  2. you need a confirmation from us, that you are our student.
  3. your visa needs to be valid.

With all prepared you are ready to apply in person:

Zachodniopomorski Oddział Wojewódzki NFZ,

Arkońska 45, 71-470 Szczecin


We inform students and employees of the West Pomeranian Business School that they can use the services of the Independent Public Health Care of Higher Institutions in Szczecin. The outpatient clinics are located on ul. Boh. Warszawy 51 and Wojska Polskiego 97 and offer basic health care (family doctor), specialists, laboratory and X-ray tests, physiotherapy, etc. Everything is covered within NFZ helath insurance.
All information: