Residence card

When you are already in Poland you may apply for residence card.

What you need to prepare before:

  1. copy of all passport pages plus additional 3 copies of the page with picture,
  2. 4 passport pictures,
  3. 340 PLN to be transferred to: address: Urząd Miasta Szczecin, Wydział Podatków i Opłat Lokalnych, pl. Armii Krajowej 1, 70-456 Szczecin; bank account: Bank Pekao BP, O. Szczecin, 20 1020 4795 0000 9302 0277 9429
  4. A guaranteed place of  accomodation (rental agreeement),
  5. documents confirming posession of financial means to cover the costs of living and return 635 PLN for 15 months = 9510 PLN)
  6. healthcare insurance confirmation
  7. Now you are ready to book online visit :

You need to have this document filled out with you

If it is difficult for you to book an online visit, please send your application via regular registered mail to Voivodship office and wait for them to mail you with appointment date. However, you are responsible for sending all required documents. If something is missing, you will not be informed about any appointments.

To find out about your status, you may go to voivodship office every day. The lines open at 7 AM. Please be patient, as the li ne may be long.

Keep in mind, that we do not take any responsibility on the status of your case but we are happy to help you.


Voivodship office address:

Wały Chrobrego 4,