For Agents

Dear Agent,

You are almost ready to start cooperation with us.

The West Pomeranian Business School is a school with 31 – years of experience in private sector of Education. We are registered under number 15th in Ministry of Higher Education and Science, that means we were the 15th private school in Poland, which was registered in MHEaS. We are accredited by National Accreditation Commission.

Our international programme, called International Business  is one of the oldest in Poland, with over 20 years of experience in foreign Eeducation.

  1. To start cooperation, please ask us for cooperation agreement and email it back to:
  2. You will be using our admission’s platform to register your students.
  3. You will receive a special Tracker Code, which will be used only by you. You will be typing it to „reference code” box, when you will be registering your applicants.
  4. You will receive a self-service code to log-in as an advisor and to track your applicants.

Our step-by-step application procedure is described here

Please feel free to download our promotional materials:

Entry qualifications to our programmes:

  • Bachelor degree
    • secondary school certificate translated by sworn translator into English or Polish
    • passport scan
  • Master degree
    • secondary school certificate translated by sworn translator into Polish or English
    • passport scan
    • bachelor diploma (translated by sworn translator into Polish or English)
    • transcript of records from your bachelor degree (in English or Polish)

International qualifications by country

In the  2024/2025 academic year following degrees and courses are offered:

Only one intake (October).

  • Bachelor degree:
    • International Business
  • Master degree:
    • Global Management