Legalization of your stay after your arrival to Szczecin

After you reach Szczecin, here are a few things you need to take care of right away:

    1. fill-out an application for   temporary residence 
    2. go to Szczecin’s City Hall. Localization below:

      Logo Urzędu Miasta SzczecinUrząd Miasta Szczecin
      Wydział Spraw Obywatelskich pl. Armii Krajowej 1, 70-456 Szczecin

    3. Documents to take with you:
      1. application for temporary residence
      2. apartment rental agreement
      3. passport with valid visa
      4. debit card with which you will pay 17 PLN for the procedure while you are at the counter if you wish to receive confirmation for your Temporary Residence Permit. For receiving PESEL only, it is free if charge.
    4. You have 30 days after your arrival to settle the matter.
    5. More information availabe in Polish language: website 
    1. Health insurance premium for months:
      April, May, June 2019 is monthly not less than 451.35 PLN. To check the avarage cost, go to website
    2. Take confirmation of study from the dean’s office
    3. Healthcare insurance is to be arrange right away. Go to:  Zachodniopomorski Oddział Wojewódzki NFZ, Arkońska 45, 71-470 Szczecin
    1. To answer your questions regarding your legal stay issues, please call 24-hour Helpline – 91 44 12 000
    2. Documents to arrange before you visit an office:
      1. valid travel document (passport),
      2. photocopy of all passport pages,
      3. confirmation of residence,
      4. 4 current, color photographs 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm,
      5. proof of payment:  340 PLN to be transferred to: Urząd Miasta Szczecin
        Wydział Podatków i Opłat Lokalnych
        Pl. Armii Krajowej 1
        70 – 456 Szczecin
        20 1020 4795 0000 9302 0277 9429 Title of the transfer ”za wydanie zezwolenia na zamieszkanie na pobyt czasowy na terytorium RP”
      6. confirmation of having a stable and regular source of income,
      7. healthcare insurance confirmation
      8. a certificate from the university confirming your education,
      9. proof of payment for studies
    3. The process may take 2-3 months. It needs to be done at least 4 months before your visa expires.
    4. Application should be filled out in Polish language and be delivered together with all documents to:
      1. Wydział Spraw Obywatelskich i Cudzoziemców
        Zachodniopomorski Urząd Wojewódzki w Szczecinie
        ul. Wały Chrobrego 4
        70-502 Szczecinroom 92
        Tuesday-Friday:  8.00 – 15.00,
        Monday:  8.00 – 16.45
    5. Please note that application needs to be filled out in Polish language. Keep in mind, that we do not take any responsibility on the status of your case but we are happy to help you.
      1. Application sample to download
      2. Application for temporary residence permit to download
    6. Information on legalization of your stay