Mission statement


The West Pomeranian Business School:

  • A non-public higher education institution operating under the Law of higher education;
  • A non-profit institution – reinvesting any profit into development;
  • Entirely independent in defining its mission, goals and priorities, which is manifested by the freedom of education, the freedom of scientific research and the freedom of intellectual development;
  • Concerned about the practical dimension of the studies and practically educates professional management and executive personnel;
  • An educational and scientific institution that cooperates with its economic environment in favour of the social-economic growth of the Euroregion;
  • n institution based on the humanistic value system – respectful for the human rights, patriotism, democracy, eco-development and social responsibility;
  • Also full of respect for the European ethical code;
  • …and the intellectual property law;

A higher school established on the ground of professionalism and partnership