Our History

History of The West Pomeranian Business School

The foundation of The West Pomeranian Business School Ltd.

A grand opening of the two-year Business College – 120 students

The WPBS’s official registration as a Higher Education School
The beginning of a cooperation with the British Know-How Fund for Poland
May the 19th – taking over three ex- Soviet army barracks in order to arrange a new campus

The implementation of a series of Tempus projects, aiming to develop the educational offer

Establishing a cooperation with Leeds University Business School in the area of MBA programme

May the 27th – Launching The Business Development Centre
September the 13th – The inauguration of the very first edition of MBA 2000 Programme

Joining the Erasmus-Socrates Programme, offering foreign scholarships for students and staff
July the 13th – Launching the Bachelor Programme in Sociology

The official commissioning of the “B” building at 54 Żołnierska Street
February the 18th – The registration of WPBS in the National Services Network, coordinated by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
September the 8th – Positive results of the quality audit by University of Leeds Business School
October the 1st – Launching the Bachelor and Master English-speaking programmes in ‘International business’ within the International Business Studies
November the 21st – first MBA programme graduation – 34 students get their diplomas
December the 19th – Obtaining a certificate by Ministry of Economy for the implementation of Quality System accordingly to the National Services Network standards

February the 28th – Moving into the new campus at 53 Żołnierska Street.
April the 3rd – The accreditation for MBA programme in WPBS by ‘FORUM’ – The Association of Management Education
July the 1st – Starting a new, three-year project “Baltic Sea Virtual Campus” in cooperation with our partners from Baltic Sea countries (Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia). The objective of the project, conducted within INTERREG IIIB programme, is a promotion of a distance learning platform.
July the 16th – the „EUROPRODUCT” honourable award for “European Union projects management” postgraduate study

May the 16th – A celebration of the WPBS’s 10th birthday

Opening the satellite faculties in Świnoujście, Gryfice and Kołobrzeg
May the 7th and 8th –The international conference ‘Together in Europe’, organised by WPBS, dedicated to the subject of Central and Eastern Europe Countries – European Union integration

February – The inauguration of the ‘Telework – a prospect for fighting inequalities and discrimination on the labour market’ project, funded by the European Social Fund within EQUAL Social Community Programme
March – Acquiring financing from the European Social Fund for ‘West Pomeranian Managerial Academy – postgraduate studies package for West Pomeranian enterprises’ project
October – Acquiring financing from the European Social Fund for ‘Postgraduate MBA program”

October – The inauguration of the e-learning programme in Economics – Bachelor and Master programmes
October – Opening the satellite faculty of Entrepreneurship in Stargard Szczecińśki
November – The conferment of a professional class range to the WPBS MBA programme in the first national MBA programmes rating

March – The accreditation by the Polish Accreditation Committee

March – Opening a satellite faculty of Management and Financial consulting in BERLIN (the first foreign faculty of WPBS)
May – West Pomeranian Business School’s 15th birthday – Maciej Silski’s concert organised by the School for this occasion
September – WPBS along with nine other schools starts the Academic Union, which aims to institute the first national net university

April – The arrangement of the nationwide conference entitled ‘20 years of Polish transformation’ – the authorities in economics, sociology and political sciences debated on the achievements and failures of the past two decades
June – acquiring over 8 million zł from the European Social Fund for development within ‘E-spectrum’ – an extensive programme of potential and educational offer development’ project

January – Launching the library content digitalisation system, which will soon enable students to access most of the library’s resources electronically
March – WPBS became a member of prestigious American business schools association AACSB
May – 4th position from among 200 schools in the Non-public Higher Schools of Economics rating by WPROST magazine
June the 14th – Professor Władysław Bartoszewski honoured the celebration of WPBS 17th birthday with his lecture ‘Poland in Europe facing the challenges of contemporary times’
June the 15th – WPBS MBA programme rated PROFESSIONAL PLUS class in the third national rating of MBA programmes

June the 20th – A celebratory lecture by the EU commissioner for financial programming and budget – dr Janusz Lewandowski, on the occasion of WPBS 18th birthday
November – ‘E-spectrum’ project becoming a prize-winner of the ‘Funds for Education 2011’ Thematic Network contest in the category of Higher Education Infrastructure

April the 20th – Obtaining a certificate of quality management ISO 9001:2009
May – WPBS on the 18th position in the non-public higher schools national ranking by Rzeczpospolita daily & Perspektywy
May the 17th – An honourable mention award from the Mayor of Szczecin City in the ‘Innovative project 2011’ category of Business Compass contest
June – The ‘Leaders Academy’ certificate for WPBS in the second edition of a nationwide contest for higher schools, organised by the Foundation for Education development and Higher education

May the 25th – Joyful but also reflexive celebration of WPBS’s 20th birthday
October the 5th – Starting a new academic year with the new Rector – professor Aneta Zelek, the longstanding employee of WPBS, the originator of MBA, IBS and many other outstanding projects

January – Implementation of the CSR policy at WPBS
February – WPBS is awarded a distinction in the “Pearls of Business 2013” economic competition for launching the ZegarBiznesu.pl website
May – Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Poland’s presence in the EU and organisation of open days of EU projects at WPBS, broadcasted live by Polish Television
May – Executive MBA studies at WPBS receive the “professional” class in the 5th edition of the MBA rating in Poland
June – WPBS obtain the title of “Parent-Friendly University”
October – Director of the WPBS Business Development Center, Justyna Osuch, PhD receives the title of “The Face of POKL” in the 2016 edition of the West Pomeranian Magnolias ESF competition
Inauguration of the Socio-Economic Forum in WPBS Faculty in Gryfice

March the 12th – A new collegiate body is established – the Program Council of the West Pomeranian Business School
May – Launching of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) procedure in WPSB
October the 5th – WPBS hand out “Diamond Matrix” awards – rewarding the most innovative companies from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship
October – WPBS take patronage over events supporting young business – Startup Weekend Szczecin and TEDx Szczecin Youth
November – Establishing of Educational Consortium, together with three other universities: the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Kozminski University and the University of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza

February the 26th – Creation of Board of Student Government common to all University Faculties
May the 25th – Celebration of te 23th Anniversary of the WPBS, in the PINOKIO students’ club in Szczecin
March the 21nd – “Eagles of Wprost” Award for the WPBS – the prize of the “Wprost” weekly magazine for enterprising and exceptional people who have rendered a special contribution to their regions
July – The WPBS is awarded the title of “University of Leaders” for the year 2016/2017 and the special award PRIMUS 2016
July – The WPBS Faculty in Szczecin is authorized to conduct the Management field at Master degree of studies

January – WPBS joins the 25th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – the Rector, Prof. Anate Zelek becomes a volunteer of the Orchestra
January – Postgraduate studies and Executive MBA studies at WPBS are winners of the Gazeta Finansowa poll “Best products for business 2016”
May – The Computer science field at the WPBS receives the “Studies with the Future” certificate in the 2nd edition of the National Accreditation Program
May the 24th – WPBS becomes an Educational Partner of the #HRSzczecin 2017 conference, organized by the LSJ HR Group
Septembsr the 30th – Inauguration of the 25th Academic Year – starting of the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the University
October the  7th – Guest lecture by Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the WPBS

January – The WPBS receives the 2017 Business Club Szczecin Economic Award.
March – The Nobelek Prize plebiscite starts, students vote for the university’s personality – four awards of 2018 Nobelek Prize were presented for personalities from each Faculty and one main Nobelek Prize for the 25th Anniversary of the University
May the 12th – Celebration the 25th jubilee – the Gala of the 25th Anniversary of the WPBS was entertained by the “Paranienormalni” cabaret
May – WPBS receive the 2018 Employer of the Year award in the category of schools cooperating with business, during the Gala of the Northern Chamber of Commerce
May – Senior Rector of the WPBS Prof. Wojciech Olejniczak is awarded the Medal of the 70th Anniversary of Polish Information Technology

June the 4th – the WPSB is a partner of the Business Practice Camp – meetings of HR practitioners, organized as a part of the NCDC Business Race regional sport event.
December – Economics at the Bachelor degree studies receives the Program Accreditation of the Polish Accreditation Committee for 6 years.
December the 11th – Azoty Group Zakłady Chemiczne “Police” joins the WPBS’s partners.

February – Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, WPBS organizes the first online classes.
March – WPBS joins the Print4medic campaign by printing in 3D adapters for leak-proof masks for paramedics to protect against viruses.
April – Conducting of the first online thesis defenses for WPBS’s students.
May – 20 years of the International Business Studies in WPBS – over 500 students from 30 countries around the worls have already graduated

The Polish Accreditation Committee gives accreditation for Management field at WPBS for the next 5 years
October the 1st – Inauguration of the Academic Year 2021/22 and change of the Rector – Prof. Aneta Zelek is replaced by Prof. Justyna Osuch-Mallett.
WPBS awarded by the Business Innovations Networking Foundation as a company that takes actions worth imitating.