Discover Szczecin

Szczecin is located in the neighbourhood of three countries: Germany, Denmark and Sweden, what was always considered to be beneficial to the city development. Just as the access to the water front.

Szczecin is the capital of West Pomerania Voivodeship, about 400 000 people live here. Green areas and water take over half of the city space. Szczecin is a modern city, which allows its residents to live close to the nature. Surrounding forests, parks and green squares in the city centre, numerous islands on the Oder river and its Lagoon, ducts and huge broads – all of those make Szczecin looks like a green and delightful, floating garden. Direct proximity of the nature does not mean, that Szczecin does not invest in the development of new technologies.

Szczecin is an important academic centre. There are about 70 thousand people studying in many higher education facilities. The city of Szczecin has all the advantages that every student would look for. The medical care facilities, public transportation, places of culture, work opportunities and vigorous night life are only few examples of what you will experience in the metropolitan area.

Come & Enjoy

Szczecin is a city living to the beat of music, with huge cultural life and love for sports. Each year, a calendar of art events gets even bigger and bigger. Come and enjoy your time in Szczecin!

Pictures by courtesy of Przemysław Budziak