Your bachelor and master thesis supervisors

Bachelor thesis supervisor:

PhD Krzysztof Osiński

Proposed thematic areas:

I can undertake cooperation in the following areas:

  •  Business development strategies
  •  Analyses of the functioning of SMEs
  •  Company competitiveness analysis
  • Reengineering in the company
  • Designing company strategy
  • Design of organisational structure in companies
  •  Motivational systems in enterprises
  • Financial analyses and financing strategies
  • Effectiveness analysis of business undertakings
  • Management of innovation in organisations
  • Knowledge management in organisations
  • Risk management in the organisation
  •  Efficiency of IT tool implementation in the organisation
  •  Efficiency of enterprise resource management
  • Entering strategies of the company on foreign markets
  •  Management in entities of the non-market sector (administration, local government, third sector, NGOs, etc.)

Other requirements: I expect graduates to have an ambitious and useful research idea, determination to implement it and discipline in our collaboration. No less important are analytical skills, in particular proficiency in the use of spreadsheets, graphic applications and word processors.



Master thesis supervisor

PhD Anna Lachowska

Proposed thematic areas:

I undertake cooperation in the following areas (especially in the context of health care entities):

  • Economic analysis
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Research on the influence of micro factors on entities
  • Research on competitiveness
  • Recovery programs
  • Development projects
  • Projects of incentive systems
  • Design of organizational structures
  • Restructuring
  • Management in entities of the market sector
  • Management in entities from the non-market sector (administration sector, local government sector, etc.)

Other requirements: I expect reliability and regularity in our cooperation from graduates. The aspect that I pay special attention to is the ability to analyze phenomena, draw conclusions and provide recommendations.