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The West Pomeranian Business School’s professional Publishing house

The West Pomeranian Business School’s Publishing house is a professional publisher of the academic textbooks, handbooks, magazines and professional literature. Since the start-up in 1995, the Publishing house has released over 120 titles in a total volume of 115 thousands. Our publications have been frequently awarded by the independent chapters, including: Karol Adamiecki’s Award by TNOiK, Polish Economic Society Award, Polish Information Processing Society Award.
Since 1996, the Publishing house has been releasing ‘COMPANY & MARKET’ magazine regularly twice a year. ‘COMPANY & MARKET’ is devoted to a presentation of current scientific research results, both theoretical and practical, from the area of economics and management. We are open for the new points of view on the market and enterprise as well as the cooperation with new authors. A publication in ‘COMPANY & MARKET’ magazine is granted with 3 points by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.. We invite you to visit

Throughout the last couple of years The West Pomeranian Business School’s Publishing house has been working on educational materials – the STUDENT’S GUIDE series, which is aimed at the students of Economics and IT courses. The STUDENT’S GUIDE textbooks are available in a traditional form as well as the e-book version.
All of our publications are soon to be available in our e-shop. We invite you to visit our e-shop.