Due to Coronavirus Poland closes the borders for foreigners. Shopping centers’ activity will be limited

Poland is closing the country borders for foreigners for ten days from Sunday, March 15. All Polish citizens who are currently abroad will be able to return to Poland. However, they will be subject to a mandatory 14-day home quarantine. All international flights will be suspended. The goods will leave and enter Poland without interference.

Who will be able to cross the borders?

People who return charters will be subject to special procedures. Poles will also be able to return to Poland by road, i.e. by cars, buses and coaches.

Domestic air and rail traffic remains unchanged. Car traffic for Poles returning to Poland will be possible, but strict border procedures will apply – said Mateusz Morawiecki.

Polish citizens who cross the border will be directed to a 14-day house quarantine or in a place designated by the voivode. The borders will remain open to the flow of goods.

Temporary ban on entry to Poland applies to foreigners. Some of them will still be able to come to our country. Among them are:

  • spouses of Polish citizens,
  • children of Polish citizens,
  • people with a Pole’s Card,
  • persons with the right of permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Poland or a work permit.

The government also prohibits gatherings of over 50 people of public, state and religious nature. It applies to both indoor and outdoor meetings.

Coronavirus: grocery stores and open pharmacies in shopping malls

The Prime Minister also assured that all grocery stores remain open. From Saturday, however, the activities of shopping malls will be limited. Drugstores, pharmacies, grocery stores, laundries and other similar services will be opened. The operation of other stores in shopping centers will be temporarily suspended.


The government also decided to suspend the operation of restaurants, pubs, cafes, casinos and clubs, i.e. places where people gather.

– However, I want to emphasize that all such premises can provide take-out services – the Prime Minister said.


All stores remain open, banks, service outlets, ATMs. There will be no shortage of funds, no shortage of cash. I am after talks with the relevant authorities, in this case the Central Bank and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the Ministry of Finance – said Morawiecki.


The prime minister also announced that from midnight from Friday to Saturday the shopping malls will be limited, where – as he said – grocery stores as well as laundries, pharmacies and drugstores will remain open.

Will there be closed gyms and swimming pools?

Gyms, swimming pools, dance clubs and fitness clubs will be closed.

Source: https://businessinsider.com.pl/wiadomosci/koronawirus-zamkniete-galerie-zamkniete-granice-jest-decyzja-rzadu/7sr0je2