In September 2011 The West Pomeranian Business School has launched the implementation of next international project within the framework of the Baltic Sea Region programme – project Ecovillages for sustainable rural development.

This project’s aim is to support the idea of “ecovillage” development as a more sustainable lifestyle of people living in the rural areas within the Baltic Sea region. The main results of the project are:

  • 3 handbooks based on the case studies. They constitute the guideline concerning the eco-settlement practices, environmentally friendly technologies as well as the life and social development in the ecovillages;
  • virtual tool for evaluation of the social and economic sustainable development of the ecovillages;
  • recommendation for the politicians concerning the proper development of the ecovillages;
  • creation of ecovillages network within the Baltic Sea region.

These ecovillages are to make the tourists become familiar with such eco-lifestyle and to conduct the practice programme for the persons concerned.

This project runs in years 2010–2013, and its total budget is 1.467.332 euro.

In the project 6 partners are taking part from different countries of the Baltic Sea region, a their work is supported by 9 associated organisations, including the ones from Belarus and Russia. The leader of this project is Lithuanian Institute of Rural Economy from Vilnius.

For more information about the project do not hesitate to contact the International Cooperation and Applied Research Office of the West Pomeranian Business School.

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