Promoting Virtual Mobility in Placements will focus on the topic of virtual(ly supported) placements and. The project will build on the conclusions and results of the EU-VIP project that looked into the possibilities virtual mobility can offer in the context of enhancing and facilitating international work placements and which resulted in concrete guidelines and training material.

While the added value of virtual placements for HEIs and students seems widely recognized and accepted, the bridge between the project results and the business end-users appears to be more difficult to build. A wide uptake of the results can only be realized via an additional focus on the preliminary conditions for organizing virtually supported work placements on a large scale, namely creating structural links between higher education institutions and the business world. To this end, a consortium has been set up containing all three stakeholders in virtual placements: business networks, HEIs and student networks.
The main aims of the PROVIP project are the further dissemination and exploitation of the guidelines and the training material on how to integrate virtual mobility in international internships. The project will realize these goals through a double approach:

  • Dissemination and training activities in all project countries and on a regional as well as European level to promote active use of the project results, mainly (but not exclusively) targeted at the business sector.
  • The realization of a concrete collaboration between higher education institutions and companies all over Europe focusing on (virtually supported) international work placements. Structural cooperation between businesses and HEIs will be facilitated via an online platform which will be tested by a pilot business – university network. It will be conceptualized in such a way that it can be easily expanded and will be transferable to other sectors.

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